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With so many complex processes, high gas fees, loopholes and vulnerabilities exploited daily, we recognise the need to help change the future.


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BscScan Information

To view our smart contract information on BscScan, click or tap on the BscScan logo below.
Smart Contract Number: 0xA9E85F8E01e9BC1ed13bA341A6cF769EfA2A7087

To view our smart contract information on BscScan, click or tap on the BscScan logo below.

Smart Contract Number: 0xA9E85F8E01e9BC1ed13bA341A6cF769EfA2A7087

Trading Information

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With our total taxes at only 12%, our 5% reflections paid in BNB ensures a passive income for our long term holders and applies to buy, sell and transfer transactions.

Shiru does not have control over slippage which may impact buying and selling prices.

  • Reflections in BNB 5% 5%
  • Liquidity Pool in BNB 2% 2%
  • Marketing Wallet in BNB 4% 4%
  • Liquidity Pool Tokens Locked 100% 100%
  • Burned Tokens 25% 25%
  • Automatic Burn per Trade 1% 1%

Security Audit and KYC

Shiru has successfully completed our full security audit and KYC.

Security Audit

Shiru performed well in our Security Audit performed by Cyberscope a division of Coinscope.


Shiru has successfully completed our KYC by IDO Presales.


The section below provides detailed information of what we have planned for the future.

Project 1 (Completed)February 2022

Shiru Token

We completed the tokenomics and branding for Shiru Token, which included the following items:

  • Tokenomics
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Whitepaper
  • Branding (logo and website)
  • Initial security audit
  • Social media profiles

Our DxSale Fair Launch was successful, we are now live on PancakeSwap!

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Project 2 (In Progress)Starting April 2022

Shiru Wallet

  • No more wallet hopping and frustrating transactions
  • Multi-Chain wallet with built in trends and token history
  • Top blockchains listed & preloaded
  • Tokens search and add function
  • Swap function to multiple chains
  • Wallet total balance including category balances
  • Direct access to CMC & CG token listing on demand
  • Debit function on credit repayments
  • Available on IOS, Android, Desktop and browser add on
  • Low deposits accepted via debit/credit cards and payment platforms including Shiru Pay
  • Linked directly to Shiru Change (CEX) – No need to move funds around
  • Linked directly to Shiru Swap (DEX)
  • Linked directly to Shiru Chip – Debit card services
  • Linked directly to Shiru Pay – Crypto/FIAT payment platform
  • Built in DApp browser
  • Backend to add more networks as blockchain technology evolves
Project 3Date to be announced

Shiru Swap (DEX)

  • Multichain swap enabled
  • KYC’d and Audited projects to be listed after listing approval process
  • DApp linked directly to Shiru Wallet (all mobile platforms)
  • Stake and farming options
Project 4Date to be announced

Shiru Change (CEX)

  • Zero fee deposits
  • Low deposits accepted
  • Zero fee trading
  • Zero account management fees
  • Launchpad for new tokens and projects
  • Listing of tokens and coins inclusive of tokenomics and on demand swap linked to ShiruSwap
  • Top level enterprise software applications for IOS, Android and Desktops
  • Security audited by industry leaders
  • Developed with the community in mind to have the best of features and functions available
  • Registration with all countries globally to provide access to traders in-line with local government laws and regulations
  • Competing with the best in the industry guaranteed
Project 5Date to be announced

Shiru Chain

  • Blockchain service with cross compatibility to trade any cryptocurrency at minimal to zero fees
  • In-house mining system to facilitate low to zero gas fees transaction(s)
  • Wrapped SHIRU for DEX applications.
  • Built in Credit facilities to provide credit to applicants based on Shiru Risk profile and score
  • Linked directly to Shiru Wallet
  • Facilitate payroll functionalities
  • Legalise for commercial and personal use.
  • Upgradable and adaptable to growing markets
  • Option to freeze fraudulent accounts and recovery
Project 6Date to be announced

Shiru Pay

Our payment platform and services solution.

Imagine a payment platform where FIAT and cryptocurrencies are seamlessly integrated with an in-house exchange service doing transactions at the speed of light! No matter what kind of transaction you want to do or where, your funds will automatically be converted to FIAT currency or cryptocurrencies depending on where you buy or pay for products or services online.

  • Linked to Shiru Wallet
  • Linked to Shiru Change to facilitate in-house exchanges and payments
  • Available to all market players and service providers
Project 7Date to be announced

Shiru Chip

  • Debit card facility linked directly to Shiru Wallet and Shiru Change, enabling transactions at your favourite local stores
  • Global roll out in approved sectors and countries
  • Linked to Shiru Pay
Project 8Date to be announced

Shiru Risk

  • Credit bureau service for the decentralized financial sector
  • Individual credit risk score
  • Credit solutions tailor-made for finance applications
  • Record default and in arrears transactions

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