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This page provides detailed information about who we are and where come from.

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Page Updated: 16 July 2022

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About Us

With so many complex processes, high gas fees, loopholes and vulnerabilities exploited daily, we recognise the need to help change the future. We are community driven company, focused on delivering tailor-made solutions and services to the cryptocurrency industry.

Shiru Token is only 1 one of the 8 planned products (divisions) of ShiruPal Holdings Company. We have already registered all the relevant domain names which will be shared soon. 

Shiru was brought into existence to enable everyone to invest and transact in cryptocurrencies at the lowest costs (fees) possible.

Yes, we are a small but dedicated team that is goal driven to create a universe where crypto and FIAT currencies are seamlessly integrated to facilitate transactional services and platforms that will pave the way to a new future.

Shiru token will serve as our dedicated token and baseline at the heart of every project developed.


Our mission is to enable every individual to trade and transact at low to minimal fees at their favourite shopping destinations, whether it is at a local retail store or on online.
To create a payment platform that can be used by both consumers and commercially.


Our vision is to become a world class leader by combining FIAT & cryptocurrencies seamlessly, essentially establishing a trust worthy source for payments globally.


Excellence in all we do
Winning with people
To be real
To be transparent
To be accountable at all times
To be customer focused

Management Team

Our team consists of a group of closelyknit individuals. Each member brings their own unique qualities to the table, enabling ShiruPal to achieve our mission, vision and values.

Gerhard Mouton

Chief Executive Officer

Carl Mouton

Chief Technology Officer

Kesavan Chettiar

Head of Product Development

Chris Steyn

Head of Busines Analysis

Roy Vishinsky

Head of Delivery

Development Team

We are growing our team of developers, if you believe you have what it takes, please send us your CV to recruitment@shirupal.com.

Kieran Nicholes

Solution Architect

Johan Maree

Technical Consultant

Jaun-pierre Lategan

Security Specialist

Community Moderators

Our community moderators are dedicated to our community and here to support you.

Anzelle Norden

Community Manager

Fakhrurrazy Sembiring

Indonesian Community Moderator

Derrick Heenop

Community Moderator

Yolanda Norden

Community Moderator

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